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One-Stop Digital Agency

Our work has helped companies in dozens of industries develop their brand and reach more customers. We have found that businesses that integrate strategies to market on multiple platforms multiplies their effort exponentially. 

Social Media​​

A powerful campaign comes from a plan, creative design and consistency.


Search Engine Optimization - You have a website, happy customers but your business is not popping up at the top of search resulting? Let us take a look!

WordPress Design

Do you need a new website or does your current WordPress website need a facelift?

Digital Consulting ​​

There are so many options when it comes to marketing. Every platform is not right for every business. Let's discuss what you hope to achieve this year and choose the right marketing uses for your company.

Print Design

Let our team design your magazine ads, business cards and brochures.

Content Marketing​

Every year it takes more to get a sale. We are bombarded with information everyday and are very good at tuning a lot out.

Graphic Design​​

Ads, Logos, Flyers, etc.


Let our team train your staff to maintain and update your website and content.


Create a plan for this quarter, this year and the coming years.

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Yes, we realize that for many companies it doesn’t make sense to manage staff in house to consistently implement their social media strategy. Social media is too important to tack it onto a staff member’s already full-time job. 

No, each platform has it’s pros and cons. We can review your customer profile and suggest the best platforms to invest your strategy in. 

Yes, keyword optimized content on and off your website is critical to your SEO score. 

Maybe. There are often some immediate items that will make a large improvement once implemented. But quality, large impact SEO takes time to see its true effects. 

If your previous website is old and has not been kept up to date, then probably. But hiring a company like 23 Hearts Media will help to increase your SEO when you redesign. Many companies redesign their website visually but in turn lose a years of SEO when the new website launches. 

Once we have all of your content, photos, domain and hosting services, a website can take 6 -10 weeks to complete.

While all of these are great options for startup businesses, we build all of our client websites with WordPress. WordPress has the most powerful tools to be integrated and a greater degree of customization. We have found in 12 years of working with WordPress, it is the easiest platform for a business to scale to fit their growing needs. WordPress also enables us as developers to access additional ways to optimize your SEO. 

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