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Having a compliant website is no longer an option It is a requirement. And we can make it happen.

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It's the Law

Did you know that the United States incorporated web accessibility into the existing civil rights legislation that protects people with disabilities.

In 2013, the Department of Justice (DOJ) clarified that websites are included in the places of public accommodation and should comply with Title III of the ADA. This guidance was later codified in the ADA Title III Regulations, which were published in 2016. The regulations define websites as “a place where individuals can access information, including applications, services, or products.” Websites must comply with all aspects of Title III, which includes meeting accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities.


Our updates allow your customers to enable accessibility options on your website without you having to worry about it every time you make an edit. 
Contrast or monochrome screen options. Focused visual field for ADHD users. Readers for those with cognitive disabilities. Dozens of option that keep you and your customers covered!

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Boost brand perception

Customers notice when a brand is being inclusive. Enhance your reputation by being accessible to all.

Expand your market

Don't restrict your reach. People with disabilities have a spending power of over $6 trillion.

Avoid costly legal fees

Stay ahead of your competition by complying with the current accessibility legislation

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